Samsung presented Portugal with an unprecedented photo of the country’s coastline in 2019. In 2020, the brand intends to raise Portuguese people’s awareness in relation to the countryside with a logical follow-up initiative with a focus on “Portugality”. As far as Samsung is concerned, reinforcing the concept of “go on holiday, visit your own countryside” makes perfect sense.

A disruptive digital format was created to get users interested in viewing and sharing the article precisely due to the unique nature of the format.

The 2020 initiative was a follow-up to last year’s project, a 943-km photograph of the entire Portuguese coastline taken by Samsung using a Galaxy S10, which had a huge impact on communication channels. The brand´s strategy this year was to communicate along the same lines but focusing on Portugal’s countryside.

The project is based on photography with a focus on the N2 National Highway with a view to mapping the best locations on the road for taking photographs. The content aims to illustrate the multicultural nature of the places along the route: the landscape, cuisine and traditions. And at a time when many people are capable of booking a trip to take “that photo in that place”, Samsung wants to bring that feeling to the N2, while advertising the features of the Samsung Galaxy S20’s camera.


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