Cookies policy

Cookies are small text files stored on the user’s equipment (“User”) when visiting certain websites (“Sites”). The use of this type of technology to access sites is common practice, causes no harm to the User’s equipment (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), while the different browsers enable Users to refuse cookies and/or to delete those that have already been stored.
Cookies play an important role in the operation of the different sites and in accessing different content, allowing for an understanding of how the site is being used by Users and to facilitate the browsing process to ensure users of the site have a better experience.

The [Solutions] website – accessible at the address [] – stores cookies that are used to improve the performance and experience of Users.
Cookies stored on the [Solutions] website are not used to record any personal or confidential information or to register Internet browsing outside the website.
The cookies stored on the [Solutions] website do not identify the User, but only the computer or device and the browser used, while enabling us to improve your browsing and use experience, for example, helping us to associate your equipment with your preferences and to provide you with content we believe may be of interest to you.

The following types of cookie are stored on the [Solutions] website:
• Necessary cookies: these cookies are installed to enable users to browse the Solutions website, ensuring a smooth browsing experience. These cookies record the User’s route during the visit without identifying him/her and are automatically deleted the user leaves the site.
• Persistent cookies: these cookies are not essential for the operation of the Solutions website, but enable users to be identified whenever they access site, optimising the browsing experience. These cookies assign a unique number that identifies the User when entering the Solutions website. Persistent cookies remain on the computer until they are deleted by the User.
• Behavioural advertising cookies: these cookies enable us to show users advertising deemed to be in line with their interests and tastes. For example, if you are a reader interested in articles on cars, you are likely to be shown advertising on car-related services and goods.
Name/Purpose/Length of Time
• Other cookies or third-party cookies: these cookies are usually placed by third-party sites with permission, and remind you that the User has already visited the same site.
Moreover, the Solutions website may integrate pixel tags and pixel web beacons to enable users to understand the use of WEBSITES. Pixel tags do not collect personal data and are used, in particular, to collect information on popular destinations.

With the exception of necessary cookies, the installation of cookies on your computer or device depends on your acceptance. If you choose to refuse the installation of cookies or to disable them, all or some parts of the Solutions website may not work properly and the browsing experience on the Solutions website may be significantly impaired.
The different browsers enable you to view the cookies installed on your equipment and to block or delete cookies, either individually or totally.
To obtain and refer to more information on cookies, their use and how to manage your cookie preferences, you can consult the specific help pages provided by the different browsers or general pages on this subject, for example:

If you have any questions, comments or concerns in relation to our Cookie Policy, please contact us at the e-mail address [[email protected]].

Most recent update: November 2020