Mindshare and Impresa responded to a challenge proposed by pharmaceutical company Sanofi to advertise Dulcolax.

The campaign consisted of a video featuring several people singing and dancing to the portuguese hit “Coração não tem idade”, by musician and singer Toy. The song was adapted with lyrics that refer to the feeling of freedom from constipation after taking Dulcolax. The choreography was created by the musician and actor Jorge Kapinha.

The result is a Tik Tok-style video which reached the top of the social media rankings. It was also released on Impresa Publishing and Sanofi’s digital channels, as well as Portuguese national radio stations Renascença and RFM.

Dulcolax is the biggest-selling laxative in the world and the market leader in Portugal. Its range of products includes solutions for all the needs of people with constipation and/or intestinal disorders: overnight relief (Dulcolax tablets), measured dose relief (Dulcodrops); more gradual relief (Dulcosoft) or relief in minutes (Dulcolax Suppositories).





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