This year, Worten reinforced its association with Black Friday under the umbrella concept “I W Black Friday All You Can Shop”, and SIC was a partner in this major brand campaign once again. Worten offered discounts for all tastes from 02 to 28 November. And to make this Black Friday even more special, in the year of the World Cup, Worten created the Black Friday Box, the only one that, instead of receiving payments, gave out prizes! It came with a table football set and offered a prize to the winner of the game for each victory.

Through multi-platform communication on SIC, this very special Black Friday was disclosed through tele-promotions on the daytime programmes Casa Feliz and Olhá SIC and also featured the presence of two SIC personalities at the Worten store, Carolina Patrocínio and Jani Gabriel, who were responsible for two fake live broadcasts on Jornal da Noite and a piece on the programme Fama Show.

SIC fiction was also part of this year´s campaign, with the broadcast of 2 scenes in the soap opera Sangue Oculto, in which a special tip was provided, which, if matched in the Worten store, would give access to a special “Sangue Oculto/Worten” table football ball, thereby unlocking an extra prize.

In addition, the initiative was amplified on the brand´s social networks and through the two SIC personalities in 2 lives explaining the mechanics of the campaign and encouraging the public to participate in the Black Friday Box game.

Olhá SIC

Fama Show

Sangue Oculto

Sangue Oculto

Casa Feliz