Staples in innovative format

On 19 May, in collaboration with Aquele Abraço, Staples launched the mini-series “Volto Já” on opto. More than a mere sponsorship or a branded content, this production sees the Staples brand appear almost in the form of a character throughout history, in conjunction with the talent of César Mourão.

Produced by Aquele Abraço, this 10-episode mini-series was filmed in porto and stars César Mourão, who is also the author and director of the programme. The story takes place in a traditional, centenary and family-run shop in the centre of the city of Porto, where we will meet Virgílio, the owner, Maria do Carmo, his wife, Beatriz, his daughter, and José Paulo, their employee. The family business, highly typical and special, is incapable of competing with the best-known brands and department stores, which snap up the shop´s potential custom – staples in particular –, all of which thoroughly irritates the main character. Without ever acknowledging the weaknesses of his business, but aspiring to the modern nature of staples, virgílio ends up dealing with the brand in his day-to-day activities there.

“Volto já” draws part of its inspiration from the great classics of portuguese comedy, with César Mourão playing the role of the hilarious Virgílio.

Following the premiere, an episode was released every week on the opto platform until July 14, with a promo on sic in general and digital expansion on the social networks of Staples, SIC and the producer Aquele Abraço.


Staples Portugal