Atelier Impresa, together with some of SIC´s best-known faces, joined forces with Staples in this Back to School campaign in the belief that making diversity the new normal is an important step on the path towards togetherness and inclusion.

Staples has expressed its intent very clearly in recent Back to School campaigns, marked by educational and humanising messages against bullying and prejudice. This year´s slogan is #EveryoneMakesADifference. 

The campaign’s video clip, produced by Atelier Impresa, amplifies the message through a song designed to launch a current of acceptance of difference and respect for other people´s choices.

Featuring Diogo Piçarra, Nenny, Diana Chaves, Luciana Abre and João Paulo Sousa, among other personalities and many children of different races and attitudes, the video clip was filmed over two days at Rainha D. Leonor School in Lisbon, in an environment of abundant fun and togetherness.

As a media partner, SIC is responsible for disclosing and amplifying the #Everyone MakesADifference campaign, including the testimonies of Nenny, Diogo Piçarra, Diana Chaves, Luciana Abreu, João Paulo Sousa, Manuel Moreira and Tiago Almeida, who highlighted the fact that the characteristics that make us different are what make us unique.

The campaign came to a close in Lisbon on 24 September, with a live musical and artistic show featuring two performers. SIC was also present at the free-to-enter event.  




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