Omen, Fnac, Samsung and Lion on ADVNCE

ADVNCE, the SIC universe brand dedicated to the world of gaming and Esports, features on television on SIC Radical, all television Apps and throughout the digital ecosystem.

Omen and Fnac, two prestigious brands in the world of gaming, have joined ADVNCE in a partnership of excellence – Casting ADVNCE by Omen and Fnac. As official sponsors of this initiative, both brands are featured jointly on the SIC and ADVNCE platforms, including participation in television programmes such as Curto Circuito on SIC Radical, in addition to the whole promotional campaign and all the communication material published on the Impresa Group’s social networks and websites.

Samsung, a brand of excellence in the field of technology, has joined the programme ADVNCE Show in the form of advertising slots. The initiative has been backed up by posts on the ADVNCE social networks.

Lion, by Nestlé, was also challenged to appear on this programme and agreed to demonstrate the full power of Lion cereals in the form of advertising slots on ADVNCE Show. Posts were also placed on ADVNCE social networks and our specialist platform Movemind.

Almost three million people have come into contact with the ADVNCE programmes on SIC and SIC Radical in just six months. With regard to digital channels, the website registered more than 100,000 thousand visits and there were almost 10 million hits on the social networks.

The project comes to an end in October this year.


Omen, Fnac, Samsung & Lion