In 2019 Expresso partnered with BPI to launch the National Tourism Awards. The initiative aimed to reward companies, public projects and personalities for their contribution to the tourism sector.

The 2020 edition was readjusted to respond to new challenges of the tourism sector, based on the Sustainable Development Goals. The award-winning projects were grouped in five categories: Network Tourism, Authentic Tourism, Trust-based Tourism, Intelligent Tourism and Sustainable Tourism. The Award will also acknowledge a personality who has made a significant contribution to the tourism sector. The application process was conducted exclusively online on the initiative website.

Also within the scope of the National Tourism Awards, SIC produced a series of seven reports on tourism broadcast on Jornal da Noite.

The National Tourism Awards is largely sponsored by the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transition, and enjoys the institutional support of Turismo de Portugal and Deloitte as a knowledge partner.





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