Many of the initiatives and projects of major social relevance conducted by entities such as the charity Santa Casa da Misericórdia, private charitable institutions, associations, foundations, cooperatives, mutual societies, NGOs, parish centres and companies do not receive the recognition they deserve for the simple reason that they do not reach the public as a whole. Particularly in times of crisis such as the one we are going through, private initiatives of public interest are undoubtedly of paramount importance to the lives of thousands of children, young people, elderly people, students, scholarship holders, associations and communities.

“Window of Hope” is the first editorial and multimedia project geared to showing and publicly recognising the institutions, personalities and, above all, the beneficiaries of important initiatives implemented in Portuguese society within the scope of the Third Sector.

Three institutions of recognised merit, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the “la Caixa” Foundation and SIC Esperança joined forces in this project, which can be followed on this website.

To ensure the sharing of good examples inspires and encourages other projects.


Fundação Gulbenkian
Fundação “la Caixa”
SIC Esperança


Projeto editorial

Editorial Project