The Ageas Seguros brand published a double feature in Expresso to disclose the Ageas Seguros Agents Summit 19, an initiative that brought together more than 800 guests in Lisbon.

As a means of reporting the conclusions of Agents Summit 19, Ageas Seguros published a double feature in Expresso. It was decided to use the advertorial format with a layout very similar to that of a corporate article with all the inherent codes: a title, a lead-in, an introduction and a continuous text.

The text was created in such a way as to illustrate the importance of the partnership between Ageas Seguros and their agents, starting by emphasising the value of the relationship between them. It also addressed the agenda of the initiative, referring to the four topics discussed at the conferences held that day, and which are also highlighted in a text box.

A prominent fold-out photo shows the excellent turnout of insurance agents at the event. Other photos mark the presence of several personalities connected to the world of economics and business, in addition to the prize-giving ceremony held to acknowledge the different agents.


Ageas Portugal