Back to school with Staples

Staples have joined forces with SIC once again in a back-to-school campaign, one of the most highly anticipated initiatives of the year.

Combatting violence in schools in the form of a message on overcoming adversity is the motto of this year’s campaign, created by the SIC Branded Content area in partnership with Staples, and with the participation of APAV (Portuguese Association for Victim Support), to which all the donations raised will be given.

Thousands of children and young people in Portugal suffer from bullying in schools every year. Fully aware of this problem, Staples geared its communication campaign to this topic under the hashtag “#We´re Going Back Together This Year”.

The campaign includes an exclusive original song created by Staples, together with and featuring the participation of Carolina Deslandes, Fernando Daniel and Carlão, and gave rise to a video clip and spot that tells a story about the importance of friendship, conveying a message on overcoming adversity and trust.

The SIC Branded Content area has been entrusted with producing the campaign, which includes the participation of well-known faces from the channel such as Júlia Pinheiro, Cláudia Vieira, Jorge Corrula, Angelo Rodrigues, João Paulo Sousa, Júlia Palha, Joana Aguiar, Igor Regala and Margarida Serrano. All of them, in defence of the cause, appear in the video clip with the campaign’s musical theme as characters in everyday school life.

The campaign will be disseminated on a wide range of media outlets: TV (exclusively on SIC channels), radio, printed press, billboards, digital and Staples stores.


Staples Portugal