Principio, Meio e Fim was one of the most highly anticipated SIC premieres of the year. An innovative and disruptive television programme in every aspect, written by Bruno Nogueira.

The Samsung brand had no intention of missing the opportunity to be associated with this format, and featured in every episode in an organic and fully integrated manner, complementing the communication strategy with the sponsorship of the programme.

Samsung also featured on the SIC and the programme’s social networks, in the form of posts created in accordance with their communication goals, following the action from each episode on the networks, overlapping the material of both platforms.

A successful partnership and an example of how brands can feature on out-of-the-box programmes in a subtle but effective manner.

Uma parceria de sucesso e um exemplo de como as marcas podem estar presentes em programas fora da caixa de forma subtil, mas eficaz.


Samsung Portugal