New Nespresso format for a greener world

The Nespresso “Fazer Faz a Diferença“ [doing makes a difference] programme premiered on SIC Mulher on 31 march 2022, a moment with laid-back chats held over a cup of coffee on how we can all make a difference in our daily lives with small sustainable gestures. This content is developed by Atelier Impresa, the group’s new content area, as part of a challenge drawn up by the Wavemaker agency.

Ana Marques goes off to meet nespresso partners that make a difference on a daily basis.

Chef Kiko, in a very special kitchen, gives us tips and teaches us recipes that, through the reuse of food, fight waste. Together with João Cajuda, we begin travelling in a sustainable manner and contributing to carbon neutrality. We will also go to santa margarida do sado, to the rice fields of the reciclar é alimentar [recycling is feeding] project, where we will talk to the engineer Cachadinha. With the help of the artist Vanessa Teodoro, we will gain a better understanding of how we can reuse objects and materials and give them a second life, transforming them into works of art. Finally, Isabel Silva helps us understand how sustainability can become a way of life.

We are told all about how we can all make a difference in seven minutes. Moreover, we complete a circular economy cycle in five episodes.

“The launch of this programme underlines nespresso’s commitment to sustainability, which is the basis of our DNA. We challenged partners of the brand, advocates of a sustainable lifestyle, to share some of their habits that, no matter how small, we believe will have an impact on society. Basically, we intend to give life to the motto ‘doing makes a difference’, which has guided us for the last year and a half. In addition, we intend to be an active member in promoting changes in Portuguese habits”, stresses João Pedro Silva, Marketing director at Nespresso.

“Doing Makes a Difference”, five original and highly pertinent episodes on environmental and social sustainability, with a delicious cup of coffee – a partnership between sic and nespresso, with the support of the Wavemaker agency, expanded on the SIC and SIC Mulher social networks and Nespresso’s digital platforms.